Computer and Internet Law

Our firm has been engaged in this area of law since the early days of the internet and E-commerce in the Philippines. Some of our first work in this regard was advising clients on liability arising from the Y2K Readiness and Disclosure Law, back in 1999. We have since provided advice on different technology-related laws and regulations with an impact on clients’ businesses, such as the E-Commerce Law, copyright laws in the Intellectual Property Code, and more recently, the Data Privacy Act of 2012.

Our contract draftsmanship work for technology-related transactions is particularly active. We have crafted specific and unique agreements for technology-related products and services, and are familiar with the regulatory and commercial perspectives needed for various types of documentation, such as developer licensing agreements; software licensing; end-user agreements; website access contracts; technology-transfer regulations, and the like.

We are conversant with the special needs of dotcom start-ups, technology consultants and technology venture capitalists, and offer advice on (a) corporate and tax law implications of the various modes of structuring a computer-related venture; and (b) tax and investment incentives available to the technology investor.

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